Dr. Mann’s 6-year-old daughter’s
rendering that lead to the naming
of The Cat Company and which
provided the inspiration for the
color scheme of our web site.

About Us

Daniel Moehring, DVM, MRSO

Dr. Moehring was born and raised in northeast Ohio. He graduated from The University of Dayton with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 2006. From there, he attended The Ohio State University and earned his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 2011. He returned to northeast Ohio upon graduation and has been a general practitioner in the area since. Dr. Moehring currently practices at the Akron-Peninsula Veterinary Office, which is where he was introduced to Dr. Mann and The Cat Company. Over the past year, Dr. Moehring has become increasingly involved in The Cat Company and will be officially joining the practice in May 2022. When not caring for his patients, Dr. Moehring enjoys spending time with his family ( wife and three sons ), hiking, mountain biking, and traveling.


  • DVM, The Ohio State University
  • Medical Radiation Safety Officer, training through NV5/Dade Moeller Academy in conjunction with Versant Medical Physics
  • Ohio Bureau of Radiation Protection Materials License for the purchase and possession of radioactive materials


  • The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association
  • The American Veterinary Medical Association
  • The American Association of Feline Practitioners

Email Dr. Moehring: catcompanyI131@aol.com