Dr. Mann’s 6-year-old daughter’s
rendering that lead to the naming
of The Cat Company and which
provided the inspiration for the
color scheme of our web site.

Vet-to-Vet: A message from The Cat Company

Medication, surgery and radioiodine are the three most accepted treatment modalities for hyperthyroidism. All have their times and places in the management of this disease. The Cat Company believes that, used correctly, radioiodine is the safest for the patient, the most cost effective for the client, and provides the most satisfactory resolution of the case for the primary veterinarian. It’s the best treatment that today’s science has to offer.

Our pledge to your patient. What science can't help us do is deal with the wonderful peculiarities that make a cat a cat, and make them so special. We are dealing not just with cats, but senior cats, spoiled senior cats, and in almost all cases spoiled senior cats that mean the world to someone. You can't just inject these cats with I-131, put them in a cage for 2 days and assume they'll do fine. You must create an environment and provide diversions for these cats that will minimize the stress and anxiety inherent in hospitalizing cats. You have to be a cat person to understand these special little critters. And I am. The Cat Company is all about cats and their owners. I will provide state of the art treatment for the case you have diagnosed and worked up — and your patients will receive the special attention and TLC you should expect when referring.

Our pledge to you. When you refer your client to the Cat Company you will not just be in the loop — you will be part of the loop. Someone from the Cat Company who is actually caring for your patient will contact you or your office when the appointment is made, after our examination and initial treatment of your patient, each day of hospitalization, and upon release. That way you can maintain contact with your client during the hospitalization of their pet if you wish. And you will know what is going on should they call you for some reason while we have their pet. You will receive a report detailing the case management of your patient while with the Cat Company, and recommendations for your follow up. We will always reinforce the very real fact that our treatment is only a part of helping your client’s cat live a long and high quality life, and that your follow up and your recommendations for the care of their senior pet is paramount to its well being and quality of life.

We stress to your clients that we are only a tool, chosen by you, to improve their cat’s health and well being. We understand that, when you refer a patient, you don’t want that referral to cause you problems. You want the problem handled, as well as it can be, and your client treated with courtesy and respect. Our goal at The Cat Company is to cure the cat, and make you look good in the client’s eyes. We will do our best to return a very satisfied and happy client to you.