Dr. Mann’s 6-year-old daughter’s
rendering that lead to the naming
of The Cat Company and which
provided the inspiration for the
color scheme of our web site.

The Cat Company's Admission Procedures

The Cat Company, Inc., only accepts patients who have been referred by a veterinarian. We do not compete with your vet. We are a specialized service that complements your vet’s practice. 

Your vet’s input is vital in the final decision to proceed with therapy. If the provided information indicates health-related problems that may preclude or complicate therapy, we will contact the referring veterinarian to discuss these issues.

To evaluate your cat’s condition, we will need the following information from your veterinarian.

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Urinalysis, especially specific gravity
  • Complete chemistry/electrolyte panel
  • Size of the thyroid nodule, if palpable
  • T4

Laboratory studies and other evaluations may be performed up to four weeks prior to admission. The Cat Company may suggest other tests if felt needed. If a cat is referred without the requisite procedures, pretreatment studies are performed on site for an additional charge.