Dr. Mann’s 6-year-old daughter’s
rendering that lead to the naming
of The Cat Company and which
provided the inspiration for the
color scheme of our web site.

72-Hour Bed & Breakfast

Any cat suffering from feline hyperthyroidism is already on the edge. As cat people, we know that we must create an environment and provide diversions that will minimize the stress and anxiety that come with being in a hospital. So, along with state of the art treatment for the disease, Cat Company patients get the special attention, understanding and TLC they need.

In other words, for 48 hours, we immerse your pet in a 'bed and breakfast' environment rather than a hospital environment. Now don't get us wrong. We are not just fluff. We are going to cure your cat's hyperthyroidism. But there is no reason that it can't be done with gentleness and compassion.

Four irresistible meals a day. Warmed to just the right temperature in our kitchen, bought to suit your cat’s specific tastes, the cuisine will tempt your pet beyond any possible resistance.

Live dinner theater. While your cat nibbles, we roll out some very engaging birds and gerbils. We have two very active birds, Captain Jack Sparrow (he is really a Zebra Finch but we are not going to tell him) and Will Turner. There are also two rather interesting gerbils, Neutron and Bruce, who seem to enjoy watching the cats as much as the cats like watching them.

Multi-media diversions. Throughout the day your cat can watch one of our flat panel televisions as we show cat videos. CD's of birds and forest sounds create just the right mood for napping. Sprinkle in a bit of catnip, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a nice cat day. They munch, they watch and listen, and they nap. Nice!

A gentle caring environment. In the morning your cat will be awakened by a gradual increase of light over a 30-minute period while a rising chorus of forest and birds sounds complete the illusion. Sure beats an alarm clock. Rest assured that we’ll carefully monitor your cat’s radiation emissions and weight, and we’ll interrupt them with litter changes. But for the most part our interactions will be of a casual nature. Our goal is to make your cat's stay with us as stress free as possible.